Paintbrush Necklace

Recycled Paintbrush Necklace by Zinc White

Fantastic handmade Necklace, made from a recycled paintbrush. The unique necklace comes strung on silver tiger tail with a recycled pencil clasp. The handmade necklace is presented in a clear bag with information about the jewellery including the unique story from where the paintbrush has been donated, allowing you a glimpse into the past history of your upcycled necklace.

This quirky necklace is cleverly handmade by Zinc White, from a genuine used paintbrush, a perfect talking point and unusual gift, a perfect present for your girlfriend, gift for your sister, or a treat for any creatives in your life!

Do you have an old paintbrush that you would like to be turned into a piece of unusual jewellery? We also accept commissions for a truly personal piece of jewellery handmade just for you!

Zinc White – Reusing artists materials to create a range of unique jewellery and accessories, Zinc White’s genius touch of upcycling is surely the best gift for any creative friends. We are delighted to be bringing their quirky jewellery, handmade from recycled Derwent colouring pencils and artist’s paint brushes to join our collections at the Curiosity Haus Online Shop.