Firecrest Wall Bird

Hand Painted Oak Wall Hanging Bird by Anna Wiscombe

These handmade ‘Wall Birds’ are designed to adorn your wall adding character and handmade beauty to any room!

With bright finishes and carved markings, each firecrest is handcrafted from oak and oiled to bring out the warm colours of the wood. Each piece is fitted with a hanging so that it can be easily displayed on the wall.

These little handmade birds are definitely ‘pretty as a picture’ and available in a choice of Peach or Turquoise.

The cute little birds look lovely displayed alongside other pictures, more handmade wooden birds, or just perched on their own!

Anna Wiscombe is a designer-maker who designs and makes a collection of contemporary, decorative wooden products. Using birds as a main inspiration she handcrafts them as colourful wall pieces and lovely wooden brooches. Originally from the countryside of Dorset, craft maker Anna has always been surrounded by birds and loves creating them as little wooden characters for everyone to enjoy! All Anna’s unique products are handmade from start to finish and as environmentally conscious as possible.
14.7cm x 6cm