Blue Beard Brooch

Ceramic Bearded Man Brooch by Emily Rowley

Who doesn’t love a bearded man? This fantastic bearded man brooch is handmade with a ceramic face, beautifully illustrated with a cheeky expression and a blue and white flower patterned beard.

A completely unique piece of jewellery, would look stunning on your coat, cardigan or even your hat! This unusual brooch is finished with a gold coloured brooch pin with a simple gold stopper that slots over the end of the pin to keep it in place. The piece is presented neatly on a white card featuring a complementary patterned shape and the artists name, you could even have it as a pretty little picture in your home.

Emily Rowley- As a big fan of both beards and pattern, I instantly fell in love with Emily’s playful ceramic brooches. I am thrilled to be able to offer this charming collection of bearded men to customers of Curiosity Haus. Inspiration for Emily’s work comes from the cosy feelings of nostalgia and the passing of time. “As a result many of my creations have a feeling of childishness and are loved by the whole family.”


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