Sell online with Curiosity Haus

Sell online with Curiosity.Haus

The Curiosity.Haus online shop is looking for quality handmade goods to stock on our shop or ‘online craft fair’ at the high standards that we apply to our craft and design markets.

We invite applications to sell with us on a ‘sale or return’ (or ‘consignment’) basis.

▲ Why Sell with Curiosity.Haus?

We have been working hard to build up a large and loyal following over the past 2 years of running markets in Nottingham. Every month we are overwhelmed by the amount of applications and interest in our events and we would like to be able to offer that same service, of promoting a platform for independent designers to showcase and sell their work, online.

▲ What are the Benefits?

▲ This will give you the opportunity to sell your work alongside a well curated selection of the finest local and national independent designers.

▲ Curiosity.Haus will be responsible for all photography, order fulfilment, packaging, shipping and customer contact should any problems arise. Which hopefully means that you can have a bit more time for creativity!

▲ CuriosityHaus wil be actively promoting the new website through press releases, email newsletters, search engine optimisation and social media platforms.

▲ Your items will be stored securely and we will make sure we know about you and your work so we can pass the information on to our customers. We will keep you updated on sales at the end of each month and pay you on time.

▲ All items on a sale or return contract remain property of the designer until paid for under the agreed terms.
This means any unsold items will be returned to you in perfect condition.

▲ Items can be reclaimed by the designer at any time, but we request at least a two week notice period.
Similarly, CH will regularly review our stock on a quarterly basis and we will arrange with you to swap, refill or return items based on the level of sales.

▲ What are the fees?

As a start up offer, for a limited time, we are offering designers the low commission rate of 30%. That is: we will keep 30% commission of the retail price of each item sold meaning that the designer receives 70%. There are no other costs involved in selling with us. This offer will only be available to designers chosen to sell with us in the start up months to allow for us to get ‘up and running’ and to allow you to try us out.

▲ I’m interested! …What’s next?

▲ If you are interested in selling with us, please email with images of the work you wish to sell and a description of your work including links to any of your websites or online galleries.

▲ If selected, the next step is for you to select a collection of items you wish to sell with us. Ideally we are looking for 5-12 items which will compliment each other in style. I will leave the decisions on which items to include up to the individual designer, but am happy to offer help or advice if you are struggling to decide!

▲ Please also consider your desired retail price for each of your items, remembering that you will receive 70% of this figure when a sale is made.

▲ Curiosity.Haus will then send over a seller agreement, which we will both sign on receipt of the items. Amongst other things, these terms state that the items remain property of the designer until payment is made and that the responsibility lies with Curiosity.Haus to ensure the items are paid for or returned in the condition which they were received.

▲ Curiosity.Haus will endeavour to list your items within 2 weeks of receipt.

▲ Payments for sold items shall be made monthly by Paypal, bank transfer, or cheque to the designers preference.

▲ Example of the Seller Agreement

- All goods received by Curiosity.Haus shall be checked and signed for to verify that they are in perfect condition.

- Designers shall provide an inventory list of items with their desired RETAIL price.

- Designers shall receive 70% of the retail price from their item sales.

- Payments shall be made in full within 28 days of the date of sale (this allows for customer returns).

- Unsold goods shall remain property of the designer until paid for by Curiosity.Haus at the agreed rate.

- Curiosity.Haus shall regularly review stock and give 2 weeks notice before unsold items are arranged to be returned to the designer.

- Unsold goods shall be returned in the condition in which they were received.

- Designers may reclaim unsold goods at anytime, Curiosity.Haus asks for courtesy of two weeks notice.

- All products shall remain branded as supplied by the designer.

- All products shall be credited to their designer.

- Curiosity.Haus shall endeavor to promote the work of all designers.

- Designers allow Curiosity.Haus to use the designer’s name and imagery of their work for the purposes of promotion.

- Designers allow Curiosity.Haus to photograph their work for the purposes of promotion and sales.

- Designers allow Curiosity.Haus to sell their items under the same conditions as laid out above, standing in craft stalls at other venues* (optional). *Please Indicate: yes / no

- Designers are responsible for informing Curiosity.Haus of any changes to their bank or contact details.

That’s it….

If you are interested, please email with your application, or feel free to contact us if you have any other questions or concerns.