History of The Haus

Where did Curiosity Haus come from?
It all started back in 2009. Three girls began laying plans, late night in pubs and lazy afternoons in cafes. Laura Morgan, Jacqueline Smith and Claire Dawson decided to form a collective designing and making their textile based products and accessories and in March of 2009 Curiosity.Haus was born! The ‘Haus’ part of the name came from an inspirational trip to Berlin and was also a nod to the Bauhaus.

Curiosity Haus has evolved to provide an affordable platform for designer makers to showcase and sell their wares both online and at regular contemporary craft events. Today, run by Laura, Curiosity Haus is delighted to able to offer fine quality craftmanship and design as an independent alternative to the high street.

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To see more from our past events check out our Photo Gallery.