Orchard Market – Sneinton Market Relaunch on Saturday 10th December

From 10am, on Saturday 10 December I will be bringing Curiosity Haus back to Sneinton Market for the Launch of the Brand New Space!

Orchard Sneinton Market Curiosity Haus

Curiosity Haus began running craft and design fairs on that very same spot in May 2009 and were involved with the consultation process for plans for the new square by taking part in and hosting events in collaboration with Soundings and Nottingham City Council.

Curiosity Haus Designer Craft fair at Sneinton Market

Apples and Pears and Crafty Wears- by Curiosity Haus at Sneinton Market

Since work began on the square last year, artist Neville Gabie has been busy on his commission for the newly developed space. Here’s the low down on his excellent work and accompanying programme of events:

“The award-winning artist will plant a series of apple trees in the new square, intended for communal use and enjoyment. The artist will also donate apple trees of 100 different varieties, through his apple tree adoption network to local residents, schools and community organisations of Sneinton and St Anns in order to create a diverse urban orchard spanning the east side of the city.

Over the weekend launch of Sneinton Market, Neville Gabie has invited Nottingham based artists and organisations to join him in creating a varied programme of events to celebrate the planting of the apple trees. This programme comprises an exhibition, a symposium, a market, and a feast alongside night-time projections and sampling of delicious local produce. Visitors will be able to take part in a number of ways through demonstrations ranging from cooking to painting; from rigorous discussion and debate to a traditional ‘Wassailing’ and cider sampling to welcome the new trees to the square.

Orchard is both an artwork in itself and programme of events. The apple trees planted for Orchard represent Nottingham City Council’s ongoing commitment to the production of urban food linked to community engagement in the city. This artwork is unique and site specific and has been especially designed to link one of the oldest fruit and veg markets in the country to the wider debate of sustainable food in a city centre context. “

The event will see the market filled with Stalls, a Stage, locally produced food, alongside workshops and demonstrations and local creative organisations, including Curiosity Haus- it’s going to be a real celebration of what Nottingham has to offer!

The Curiosity Haus Stall will be filled with a choice selection of beautiful handmade works from our sellers, so come by and join the festivities, buy some Christmas gifts and check out this brand new space available for Nottingham! In the evening there will be a Christmas Tree lights switch on and choir as well as some projections from Broadway, Trampoline and Neville Gabie as part of his Orchard project.

Hope to see you at Sneinton Market from 10am THIS Saturday 10th December!

C.H. xx

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