Winter Warmth – Xmas Market Sellers Part 1

Our top tips for staying cosy this Christmas;
1. Wear a Hat
2. Grow a Beard
3. Drink a Warming Brew
4. Cuddle Up with a Cushion

It’s as easy as that, and Curiosity Haus is here to help you. At our next event on Saturday 17th December at Bunkers Hill, Nottingham, we have hooked up with a stunning array of designers who can fully equip you for the coming season.

“Tell us more?” I hear you say, “OK” I reply…

1. Wear a Hat…

Orizu are Purveyors Of Fine Millinery And Accessories, Designed & Handmade in London. If you love hats, come and check out these beauties! Orizu will be sellng cloche hats, handmade with hand dyed wool and wool cashmere, as well as corsage brooches, hair clips and small cocktail hats handmade and hand dyed from straw.

‘Hats Are Cool’ according to Orizu, and seeing the trendy beauties they have to warm your noggin, I’d have to agree!

“This Season, Make Sure Your Hat is Not Just An Add On, Your Hat Is Key To Your Whole Look.” Designer & Milliner, Edie O

2. Grow a beard…

ok so not everyone can grow a beard… but fear not! How about one of these fantastic bearded man brooches instead? As a big fan of both beards and pattern, I instantly fell in love with Emily’s playful ceramic brooches and I am thrilled that she will be joining Curiosity Haus on Saturday 17th. Emily makes a selection of ceramic items including figurative sculpture and accessories. She will be selling a range of brooches including bearded men, cute faces in hats, foxes and raccoons. Inspiration for Emily’s work comes from the cosy feelings of nostalgia and the passing of time. “As a result, many of my creations have a feeling of childishness and are loved by the whole family.”

3. Drink a Warming Brew

Tea drinking will undoubtably warm your cockles, but don’t just use any old mug! Thieving Jacks have come to the rescue with a collection of upcycled vintage delights and long forgotten aesthetic treats all with a handmade twist ranging from vintage crockery and organic candles to one off prints. Their illustrated vintage teacups could be the envy of all your friends, or they do make wonderful pressies too!

4. Cuddle up with a Cushion

If you want something to snuggle up with, check out these little guys! Who needs a significant other, when you can have one of these plushies instead? They really are cushions with character! Awesome pillows are handmade decorative pillow shaped characters stuffed within an inch of their life. …and kids love them too!

That’s just a taste of what to expect on Saturday 17th December at Bunkers Hill, we will have mulled wine, mince pies and the amazing Notts About Music will be bring us live acoustic sets once more! Please spread the word about our lovely event and invite your friends! You can share this post by clicking on the social icons below or RSVP to the event on facebook.

Cant’t wait to see you there!
C.H. xx

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